"Russian" potato salad

Saturday 18 May 2013

It's been over 3 years that I don't publish any recipe in this blog but today I just got the appetite to write again!

I'm retaking my Mediterranean recipes with another classic, that can be a basic for a meal outdoors, barbeque or a party: "Russian" potato salad (ensaladilla rusa).

It's simply a potato salad with veggies, but it's very easy to prepare, healthy and light (for a small-medium portion).


CALORIES: Around 500 Cal per portion

INGREDIENTS (for 4, or 2 with leftovers):

- 4 medium potatoes
- 1 carrot
- Handful of frozen green peas
- Half can of sweet corn
- 2 tuna cans
- 2 eggs
- Roasted red pepper (Optional: you can find cans or jars in stores as Lidl or Tesco)
- Some black olives (Optional)
- Mayo to season (light or normal)

Roasted peppers in jar look like this:


Boil the potatoes and carrot with the skin for 30-40 min. Then let them cool a bit and peel them easily (when they are warm it's very easy to peel them even with the hands, but be careful, it could be hot!).
Chop them in small cubes, like in the picture, and set them appart to cool.

Meanwhile you can boil also the green peas (7-8 minutes) and the 2 eggs. Set them appart to let them cool.

Once the veggetables (potatoes, carrot and peas) have cooled off, mix them in a big bowl and add the sweet corn and the tuna. Peal the eggs and reserve the yolk appart. Then add the egg white also in small pieces.

We'll finish the salad with the "decoration":

Press all the salad until it has a flat surface.
Smash the 2 egg yolks into a dough, and, with a spoon or the hand, sprinkle it on the surface and press it so it looks all yellow.

To finish add the roast peppers in stripes and the olives to make it nicer. You can also add roast peppers into the mix before, so it has more varietie of vegetables.

Finally, I like to serve it with the Mayo pot aside, so anybody can add the quantity they want. Traditionally, in a Barcelona restaurant for example, you will get the salad already seasoned with mayo. I don't add it because the leftovers are kept better without mayo and also to avoid egg poisoning in summer.

Other ingredients you could add:
- Prickles or gherkins
- Green or stuffed olives

Basic russian salad: 
potato, carrot, tuna and egg

Bon Profit!!


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